Database of Fashion and Textiles Studies in Latin America (BASE) 
Base de Datos de Estudios de la Moda y Textiles en América Latina (BASE)



BASE is an online database of publications, actors, spaces and events related to fashion and textile studies in Latin America.


BASE aims to broaden our understanding of the field of fashion and textile studies in Latin America, exploring the relationship between fashion and textiles, including but also going beyond scholarly works and academic contributions, considering knowledge generated by researchers but also practitioners both from within and outside the region. As an independent project, it aims to expand the general understanding of fashion as a creative, productive and commercial endeavor, mapping and gathering other non-scholarly and alternative contents and discourses on fashion as intellectual and political praxis.


BASE is conceived as an independent project advanced by a decentralized community of practitioners, researchers and contributors, engaged in a process of critical mapping, open dialogue and cross-cultural cooperation. While interested in gathering all scholarly resources available on this subject matter, BASE will pay special attention to content that is not as visible, or available in established archives and libraries.


BASE is a project created by Peruvian designer Lucia Cuba and nurtured by a network of practitioners, researchers and contributors within and beyond Latin America.



This is a project by Lucia Cuba Oroza.
Initial sponsorship by Parsons School of Fashion.